I tested cheap vs expensive headphones!


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  • FloridaMans_Youtube
    FloridaMans_Youtube Před 23 dny +22383

    You forgot the taste test💀

  • bantyu
    bantyu Před 23 dny +14623

    "Very cool" never gets old

  • Rohab Ahmad
    Rohab Ahmad Před 23 dny +6402

    at first I thought it was cheap vs expensive watermelons 💀💀

  • Drizzle GC
    Drizzle GC Před 23 dny +2172

    I had the cheap ones for a few years, and can confirm they were great! However, they do get uncomfortable much faster than normal cuz of the smaller ear muffs

    • Dracoman_18
      Dracoman_18 Před 22 dny +2

      Can you tell the name
      I want to buy some good headphones

    • Dan_Skoda_
      Dan_Skoda_ Před 22 dny +9

      I had them too and my ears hurt a lot after using them

    • Sharkito
      Sharkito Před 22 dny +1

      what is the headphones name

    • Dan_Skoda_
      Dan_Skoda_ Před 22 dny +12

      @Sharkito Gary

  • V R
    V R Před 23 dny +490

    Note: anything above 80Db is harmful to your ears
    Prolonged hearing of sounds above 70Db can also cause permanent ear damage
    You realise what you had only after you lose it

    • The Outlaw Torn
      The Outlaw Torn Před 23 dny +28

      The last bit of advice is one of the best ever.

    • aidan ross
      aidan ross Před 20 dny +8

      Meanwhile me my hearing has gotten better. I say "better" as in I can pick up really high pitched noises and I pick up on low grumble noises way better now. I also just pick up in the slight difference better. Doesn't help that I'm paranoid

    • The Outlaw Torn
      The Outlaw Torn Před 20 dny +18

      @aidan ross you may have gotten a better attention to smaller details in sound and that is very trainable just like I have. But you certainly haven't gotten a better hearing in terms of frequency range and sensitivity.

    • Naiba
      Naiba Před 12 dny +4

      This is why you set a limit to how loud your phone's sound goes, i don't know about other phones, but Apple has that feature.
      I miss the days of making my ears bleed with how loud my music was playing but tinnitus is a much worse thing to deal with

    • Fleur :))
      Fleur :)) Před 8 dny

      This is really true, I'm autistic with hyperacusis and using headphones above 70 decibels really hurts, it's almost like putting your ear on a washing machine on medium speed

  • Metropolice C17:8
    Metropolice C17:8 Před 23 dny +288

    Man forgot the eating test

  • dang dude dan
    dang dude dan Před 22 dny +555

    actually the best review ive seen on youtube. no objective comparisons, simply measurable data and some opinions.

    • BreadBoi0
      BreadBoi0 Před 22 dny +41

      u mean no subjective comparisons?

    • First visble changes reflected save
      First visble changes reflected save Před 21 dnem +10

      @BreadBoi0yeah whats wrong with an objective comparison

    • Ironpoint
      Ironpoint Před 21 dnem +11

      ⁠​⁠@First visble changes reflected save@BreadBoi0 i think he means no objective answer, he tells you what you need to know and nothing more or less

    • DaimyoD0
      DaimyoD0 Před 20 dny

      Why would you want that?

    • Matthew P.
      Matthew P. Před 19 dny

      ​@Ironpointhe did

  • PotartPokie
    PotartPokie Před 23 dny +4475

    I might die if he doesn’t end a video with “very cool!”
    Edit: you thought I was gonna thank you guys for the likes huh?

    • MoonstarMaster
      MoonstarMaster Před 23 dny +4


    • MoonstarMaster
      MoonstarMaster Před 23 dny +11

      Here before this comment blows up
      Edit: im kinda surprised that the comment blew up

    • A_celery
      A_celery Před 23 dny +6

      Very cool

    • Eddy
      Eddy Před 23 dny +2

      Makes me happy

    • Camping Catt
      Camping Catt Před 22 dny +3

      Pls dont blow up the comment, 9/11 was yesterday

  • Toyota AE86 Trueno
    Toyota AE86 Trueno Před 20 dny +73

    I actually own the Sony WH-CH510 that are sown as "cheap" and I can confirm that they have one of the best price to quality ratio of all headphones.

  • TTV Spegetio
    TTV Spegetio Před 21 dnem +26

    Can say that as a customer of the “cheap” ones. They’re actually pretty good for their price like he says in the video

  • r2m 🪐
    r2m 🪐 Před 23 dny +42

    Bro is the type of person who knows the perfect item for someone's birthday gift

  • Petah
    Petah Před 23 dny +33

    Bro really said: 😮

    • Daniel
      Daniel Před 14 dny

      It's annoying me so much

    • Oink3timez
      Oink3timez Před 13 hodinami

      Agreed 👍

  • CMC
    CMC Před 23 dny +25

    Run test my beloved

  • NightStriker
    NightStriker Před 23 dny +61

    I think you should try cheap vs expensive monitor !!

    PANZVR Před 20 dny +7


    • havtor007
      havtor007 Před 2 dny

      They are good headphones.

  • media grafter
    media grafter Před 23 dny +34

    Can u also add a price tag somewhere in the video

    • TheeMaskedWarrior
      TheeMaskedWarrior Před 23 dny +12

      It's right at the beginning near the bottom of the screen

    • mentally unstable
      mentally unstable Před 23 dny +8

      the cheap one is £35.00 and the expensive one is £549.00

    • media grafter
      media grafter Před 23 dny

      @TheeMaskedWarrior thanks

  • OlliePlays
    OlliePlays Před 22 dny +5

    I literally have the cheap ones and they are surprisingly really good just a little uncomfortable if I wear them for a really long time

  • NetheriteKing457
    NetheriteKing457 Před 23 dny +48

    thx for the info

  • underratedkai
    underratedkai Před 23 dny +3

    That's not expensive for audiophile standards😂

    • underratedkai
      underratedkai Před 23 dny

      Good review nonetheless

    • havtor007
      havtor007 Před 2 dny

      It is also not good audio for the price for audiophiles

  • princessatellaluma
    princessatellaluma Před 21 dnem +2

    those cheap headphone are literally the ones im wearing right now lol. theyre actually really good.. have great battery life and good bass and audio quality.

  • LooseController
    LooseController Před 21 dnem +2

    I’m sitting here, watching this video with the cheap ones. Mine even have the same color, lol. I can confirm they are very good for watching shorts 😂

  • I’mNotDelusionalYouAre
    I’mNotDelusionalYouAre Před 23 dny +23

    What about the taste test?

    • Miso Soup
      Miso Soup Před 23 dny

      Yum, microchips

    • Eddy
      Eddy Před 23 dny +1

      Yum yum!

  • Chris Esponel
    Chris Esponel Před 17 dny +1

    I have to say im really impressed with this creator. He had a lot of criticisms in the beginning that his testing was not thorough, and instead of cash grabbing or clapping back, he just made his content better.
    Now he is actually doing a pretty comprehensive review of products! Its great to see people improving, very cool!! 👍

  • SuRAj ...
    SuRAj ... Před 20 dny +2

    I am currently seeing this short with the exact same cheap one , its audio quality is next level , its worth it 👍

  • Lance Patterson
    Lance Patterson Před 23 dny +10

    I thought he was gonna say cheap vc expensive watermelon 😂

  • Christian1739
    Christian1739 Před 20 dny +1

    I had the WH-CH510 for 4 years now and they were really good for their price.
    Since 1. month I'm using the newer version, which are the WH-CH520. And they really got a massive improvement in sound and comfort and the price even hasn't changed. And I can really recommend them for people who want some better comfort and more bass boost.

  • Olivia Threatt
    Olivia Threatt Před 20 dny

    Really good video! I remember when people used to complain about the inaccuracy of his tests. He has come a long way in improving his content! Good job!

  • Can't Says if I do
    Can't Says if I do Před 23 dny +19

    Do cheap/expensive women of the night

    • Maximillian Baldridge
      Maximillian Baldridge Před 23 dny +1

      I didn’t test positive afterwards, and I think That’s very cool! 😀

  • Maxifire32
    Maxifire32 Před 15 dny +1

    I actually have the exact same cheap headphones you used in your test, i've been using them and honestly im fine with anything as long as it works

  • Theywu
    Theywu Před 20 dny

    I have the cheap ones and i actually love them sm

  • Waffles3546
    Waffles3546 Před 16 dny +4

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  • daiwy
    daiwy Před 19 dny

    I had the cheap headphones!!! They're actually really nice for what they are, but mine did break at some point. One of the ear speakers came clean off because the screws holding them together appear to be plastic and mine came apart at some point. Nothing superglue couldn't fix! All the wires were intact but the ear couldn't rotate after that, still works tho. I still use them years later!

  • Mark Szekeres
    Mark Szekeres Před 14 dny

    As someone who has the cheap headphones, I have to say they're really high quality for the price, they last over a week of using for around 3 hours daily, the bass is good, not over the top, and the sound quality is awesome. 1 negative is that you hear yourself when you are in a phone call, so usually I just turn it to my phone's normal speakers

  • me
    me Před 23 dny +5

    You forgot the main thing, sound quality 😉

    • Jazz Kazoo
      Jazz Kazoo Před 23 dny

      He did test that, in between maximum volume and comfort

  • Davey
    Davey Před 23 dny +2

    The test that matters most is: if you sit on them, which one are you going to be more pissed off at breaking and replacing?
    Such reason is why I'd always rather buy two medium-priced pairs of trainers than one high price pair and be the sort of person that's constantly moaning whenever a piece of grass gets on them.

  • Austin-AKA-
    Austin-AKA- Před 5 dny

    I’ve had the same set of Skullcandy Hesh ANC headphones for roughly 3 years now. Best headphones ever. Besides replacing the pads, they still work good as new, the noise cancellation really helps with my sensitivity to a lot of noise, the battery last me about a day and a half. I would 100% recommend them to anyone who needs some new headphones

  • Shanzo X
    Shanzo X Před 23 dny +8

    Cheap ones actually have good bass boost

    • Adarsh J
      Adarsh J Před 22 dny

      which ones are those

  • Prathmesh Patil
    Prathmesh Patil Před 17 dny

    Great comparison, straight to the point.

  • Aimee Barrett
    Aimee Barrett Před 14 dny +1

    Those sony headphones are amazing for their value. I've had headphones worth more than £100 give out on me in less than a year, but the sony ones have held up for 5 years. They were £5.

  • Max Kane
    Max Kane Před 22 dny +1

    I have those cheap ones, and for the past two years they’ve done great for me

  • Angus Evans
    Angus Evans Před 22 dny +1

    Just to say, clamping pressure is more of a comfort thing. I appreciate the matter of factness of this review.

  • hmm yeah
    hmm yeah Před 15 dny

    Skull candy, theyll last over a year (referring to earbuds), the speaker quality is amazing + it has the surround stuff in it, and for abo 9.99 it doesnt get much better than that for cheap.

  • Tophat Archive (SusTophat)

    Legends say that he is still staring at the camera to this day

  • RealMagmaDash
    RealMagmaDash Před 16 dny

    i own the expensive ones and they are easily the most comfortable i have ever used, they’re great

  • Adéla B.
    Adéla B. Před 20 dny

    I've had the sony ones for two years now and i gotta say, what you get for the price is beyond great.

  • val the demi x
    val the demi x Před 20 dny

    i have the exact same headphones as the cheap and they are generally great but after a while the sound starts to lag and suddenly spikes and the top layer of the material on the ear bit (idk what it’s called 😭) has peeled off and leaves small chunks of thin plastic leather everywhere (especially on my face when i’m wearing sun cream!!)

  • Counterspelled
    Counterspelled Před 17 dny

    I have been using those cheap sony headphones for over 5 years now. They have never let me down with their great battery and reliablity. They are also much lighter than the expensive headphones get I love them and I will buy em again until they are out of production

  • Ryan Patambang
    Ryan Patambang Před 11 dny

    Seeing that cheap did very well. It is much better to get the cheaper one with similar capability from the expensive one.

  • demonpie
    demonpie Před 19 dny

    this is like when you and your siblings ask your parents who’s their favourite and they just list things that are good about you both

  • Susanne Schrijver
    Susanne Schrijver Před 14 dny

    Tysm for adding text to this one! My friend loves ur videos but is sadly deaf and the text she can get herself is not always accurate

  • Vergil
    Vergil Před 13 dny

    I have those Sony headphones but with a cable and the only complain that I have is the headphones can fall off easily. Like if I tilt my head down a bit they will just slide off, and God forbid I try to ride my bike and just jump from small ramps. That's where the cable helps out. I just catch the headphones themselves or the cable. It's happened soo often that I developed subhuman reactions when they fall.

    LEMMY LEMON Před 17 dny

    As a person who owns the exact cheap pear, I can confirm that it lasts at least 3 years from experience

  • Alvin Sinanbegovic
    Alvin Sinanbegovic Před 20 dny

    Ive had the cheap Sony headphones for like 2 years now and its so good, even if you throw it full force it withstands somehow. Quality never worsened, but the range is definitely not as much as shown in the video

  • Chloe Brown
    Chloe Brown Před 10 dny

    The Cheaper ones are Sony Wh-CH510 for £35. They are the best lasting pair I've ever had- a little bit of noise leaking on higher volume, but have literally been through the washing machine and still work four months later.

  • Mannic Mannix
    Mannic Mannix Před 5 dny +1

    Note: cheep broke for me after 10 months. I used those exact same headphones. I have also used the expensive headphones which are really nice and I liked both

  • Shantanu Karandikar
    Shantanu Karandikar Před 19 dny

    I had the cheap ones for a while. Personally loved them and they were comfy asf when sleeping(only problem is they broke lmao)

  • Olive
    Olive Před 3 dny +1

    i really don’t like how my headphones are the cheap ones 😂😭

  • Qwerty
    Qwerty Před 14 dny

    It really depends on the brand, and your personal preferences. there are definitely expensive headphones that i would get over cheap ones because i use headphones more on a daily basis

  • Walter White
    Walter White Před 19 dny +1

    Bro the cheap one is literally my headphone 💀
    Im literally using it right now !

  • Starlight Collective
    Starlight Collective Před 19 dny

    Best headset I've bought in a long time is the Core ANC from Status Audio. Love them, just wish they'd bring their flagship headphones back in stock 😭

  • Hannanah
    Hannanah Před 5 dny

    mans will be blown away when he tries wired headphones at the price of Apple's

  • Kermit the frog
    Kermit the frog Před 20 dny

    I have those cheap headphones and they have been through hell and still run perfectly fine

  • I purple bangtan
    I purple bangtan Před 22 dny

    I had cheap for five dollars from five below. Still work after 6 years and I use them everyday even laying on them. Dropped them several times. Not broken 😂

  • Kopios
    Kopios Před 14 dny

    Just make sure the Hertz isn't low, if its like 16-20k then thats cool
    make sure its 5.1 if you play multiplayer games like csgo
    make sure the sound quality is good by just simply trying it out
    and lastly make sure its confortable for your liking

  • Christian Davis
    Christian Davis Před 20 dny +1

    Plot twist he's been using the cheap headphones

  • Kabir Walecha
    Kabir Walecha Před 19 dny +1

    Me literally wearing the cheap one while watching this💀

  • Piña Appol
    Piña Appol Před 22 dny

    man forgot sniff test after wearing it for 7days 💀💀

  • Homeless Mosquito
    Homeless Mosquito Před 21 dnem

    I have had the cheap one for 10 months now. Very good

  • Punkmunkie
    Punkmunkie Před 17 dny +1

    I have the same model of the cheap ones and i can say that for the price there really good

  • Hanna Seymour
    Hanna Seymour Před 20 dny

    The cheap ones are literally what I am wearing rn😅

  • YouKayTen
    YouKayTen Před 15 dny

    Amazing you covered so much ground literally and figuratively in such a short clip. 👏👍
    (PS: where's the the products detials?)

  • Sunklings
    Sunklings Před 10 dny

    Bro is the only CZcamsr who does cheap vs expensive without any bullshit

  • Jay Jagtap
    Jay Jagtap Před 19 dny

    I am literally wearing the cheap ones as I watch this video. They do get uncomfortable after a few hours & they are also a bit fragile. In case anyone's wondering it's 'Sony WH-CH510'

  • Wise
    Wise Před 22 dny

    When the run test is actually practical

  • PowerStation 087
    PowerStation 087 Před 12 dny

    With headphones, it's less about price, and more about purpose. For the purpose of recreational listening, for example, you can go pretty damn cheap and still get decent quality headphones. Whereas a competent pair of studio headphones meant for audio production could easily run you over a grand, but truthfully if you have a keen eye for specs, you can get a great pair for less than $300

  • Emma Cobb
    Emma Cobb Před 22 dny

    I actually have the cheap headphones in the photo and funnily enough I’m using them rn. The audio leak is something I have to be cautious with but I like them, you really get enough bang for your buck

    • Mono San
      Mono San Před 21 dnem

      Which headphones is it pls lmkkk

  • skillyfullyfun
    skillyfullyfun Před 22 dny +1

    oooOoo someone “causally” running with headphones 😂😂😂

  • LiamB137
    LiamB137 Před 19 dny

    The only issue with cheaper headphones is their tendency to fall apart.

  • Stepan Coey
    Stepan Coey Před 19 dny +1

    Bro calling Sony cheap. I swear their headphones are like £150

  • Conny Aaaa
    Conny Aaaa Před 11 dny

    I’m gonna have to go with the expensive ones for the simple facts that I have a lot of piercings so I need to make sure that headphones won’t put too much pressure on healing piercings and mess the healing up

  • VibieLines
    VibieLines Před 18 dny

    never buy cheap headphones if youre looking for loud music as the speakers will wear down 10x faster than expensive ones

  • Maxguy123
    Maxguy123 Před 9 dny +1

    Today we are testing headphones” yum yum”💀

  • tweekpot
    tweekpot Před 16 dny

    those cheap headphones lasted me 4 year's through middle school, best purchase ever

  • EvilWashi
    EvilWashi Před 10 dny

    For the weight test i would say heavy is better because it feels more durable

  • Gunk
    Gunk Před 20 hodinami

    The cheap ones are good but they break pretty easily so you have to be really careful with them

  • Jelly 2012
    Jelly 2012 Před 13 dny +1

    Strength of cheap vs expensive watermelon 🍉 ! But put the prices of the water melon and make sure that expensive watermelon is square watermelon from japan or china which is very hardd to find

  • FJ646
    FJ646 Před 13 dny

    I literally have those exact same headphones not expensive cheap they work pretty well too!!!

  • CowBoyHatVR
    CowBoyHatVR Před 19 dny

    I liked the part where he said which one won, very nice 👌

  • Kiwi _
    Kiwi _ Před 14 dny +2

    i had those sony headphones and they were so bad 😭 the microphone sounded like a microwave and the sound quality was ass and every time id move my head theyd make a rattling noise

  • Jason Li
    Jason Li Před 9 dny

    I have the cheap headphones, the headband does give a slight headache but it is good for your needs

  • LemonKat
    LemonKat Před 22 dny

    came for the sam n max. stayed for the game grumps. and sam n max.

    REDMORG Před 14 dny

    I have the exact same cheap ones, and they're great!

  • LeChosen One
    LeChosen One Před 13 dny +1

    Problem with cheap is its going to hurt ur ears after u wear it for a while. Especially if you've large ears

    • thefg98 #путинговно
      thefg98 #путинговно Před 13 dny

      I agree. I’ve tried the exact same pair of those Sonys and my ears got hurt after a number of minutes, so I don’t recommend them for people who have bigger ears 🤓

  • pilotreg
    pilotreg Před 21 dnem +1

    bruh you rested everything but the actual headphones

  • pashaete
    pashaete Před 9 dny

    Im listening to this video right now with the expensive headphone. wasn't expecting that 😅

  • noah
    noah Před 22 dny

    since they won’t be used again, I don’t mind taking the expensive ones off your hands, to save you space of course, it’s no problem

  • Karcrab mcshouty
    Karcrab mcshouty Před 17 dny +1

    Bro's got the Olimar mouth

  • Galactic Lava
    Galactic Lava Před 20 dny

    I like how these are actual criteria for the headphones now.

  • cubed
    cubed Před 21 dnem

    bro made this his science fair topic

  • Ian Smith
    Ian Smith Před 16 dny

    head grip theft test 💀💀💀