Game Theory: Don’t Feed The M̶̂͂̑̀͆̏͝U̴̠̿͒̂̏s̸̽̐̏͒͒̐̚Ḛ̴̜͙̠̘͌̽̎̕͝ (Alex Bale ARG)

  • čas přidán 11. 11. 2022
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    Friends, I know a theory about the “SpongeBob guy” Alex Bale seems like it belongs more on Film Theory, right? WRONG! Today I’m exposing the secrets behind this Alex Bale and the Muse ARG, PLUS how it all comes back to a place you all know and love… Happy Meat Farms. Maybe hold off on eating that burger until AFTER the theory. Just a suggestion…
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick, Tom Robinson and William Ryan Sheehan "El Fodder"
    Editors: Pedro Freitas, AbsolutePixel and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
    Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (Caiterpillart)
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Komentáře • 7 292

  • NMRIH is a great Source mod - blessed by Cory's lip

    "CZcams is a strange place sometimes" as someone who saw Mat denying Golden Freddy's existence after spending 8 years on FNAF, I can relate

  • Raul Perez
    Raul Perez Před 14 dny +1

    I loved how Matt subtly offered Alex a job at the end

  • Lord Toademort
    Lord Toademort Před 14 dny +910

    Alex went from being possessed by an evil pizza god to being possessed by an evil meat god, man just can't catch a break

  • Mayo Jaylaylo
    Mayo Jaylaylo Před 14 dny +163

    For something that started out as a creepy body horror ARG, this goes very deep. Alex has done a great job with this :)

  • Anthony Eaves
    Anthony Eaves Před 21 dnem +1

    I had no idea bale’s videos went so deep. This connection to happy meat farms is amazing

  • Monroe Robbins
    Monroe Robbins Před 14 dny +54


  • Space Spider
    Space Spider Před 21 dnem +4

    Alex Bale is seriously underrated, it's nice to see his projects get some recognition!

  • Gail Asprey
    Gail Asprey Před 14 dny +566

    Love how all these different creators got together to make a dark story.

  • H Que
    H Que Před 14 dny +360

    The thought of being experimented on to the point of being deformed and unrecognizable and then being replaced by a clone is probably now my worst fear

  • Justyagirllee 123
    Justyagirllee 123 Před 2 hodinami +1

    This is so cool that these youtubers got together and made this series it’s so cool

    D4RKTH3T0PP4T Před 14 dny +240

    Alex Bale is literally one of CZcams's best creators. Sucks that he doesn't get enough recognition. Also, fun fact: before HMF, Alex Bale made a Minecraft ARG called OldRoot. Incredibly interesting stuff, I highly recommend digging into it if anyone is interested

  • johnathan 173
    johnathan 173 Před 14 dny +21

    One of the best things about this dude is that he never takes credit for himself when he uploads something. He always respects us, the audience, and he is always full of energy in his videos. Keep up the hard work!!supagreatman!

  • Unknown Variable
    Unknown Variable Před 21 dnem +7

    I swear Alex Bale is the only man who can easily slip past my mind, and make me think of nothing being off. He can literally hide an entire book of lore, and I wouldn’t even notice.

  • MrLegendofLP
    MrLegendofLP Před 14 dny +118

    Sincerely this ARG’s story is brilliant. Stories about creatives being forced into doing a type of content they no longer are invested in aren’t new, but part of what makes this story so effective is the fact that the videos influenced by the Muses are extremely popular, even getting Millions of views, but videos the creator actually wants to make (like Alex’s short horror film between Theory 4 and Theory 5) are much less popular. They are using the systems they’re criticizing to further the message of the story by providing explicit proof of what they’re trying to say. It’s really, really smart and was also a bit of a gamble. Both for Alex doing something that might alienate his existing audience (for a couple of theories before the story elements were properly introduced), but also gambling that his horror film wouldn’t, for some reason, take off in a crazy way like the Spongebob theories. He clearly has solid understanding of how CZcams’s algorithm works.

  • Undynlicia
    Undynlicia Před 14 dny +118

    Imma be honest here, I was expecting something to hint that Matpat is also part of this multi-channel ARG, he fits right, its fantastic irony, and he has mentioned interest in making an ARG himself (If there are hints at this that I missed just tell me please) also, just an idea for the future MP!

  • Vuoiy Dui
    Vuoiy Dui Před 14 dny +15

    I’m so glad your finally covering one of Alex Bale’s args! He is a great creator and filmmaker, and I’m glad he’s getting the traction he deserves.

  • BonesofSmite
    BonesofSmite Před 21 dnem +208

    I feel there is so much more to this ARG than what has been talked about so far. I hope MatPat leads us to the end

  • Allan Martinez
    Allan Martinez Před 14 dny +74

    Intriguing, i always knew there was more to life and i have also been looking for a way to find not only protection but a way to be influential to the human society.

  • Gollett Games
    Gollett Games Před 21 dnem +2

    I love how when Mat looks at H0027 he shows how it stole files yet completly glosses over how it killed 11 employees in the same paragraph.

  • A W
    A W Před 14 dny +77

    What amazes me is that Alex Bale - a relatively unknown creator - was able to coordinate with established channels, create and tell a compelling story across CZcams and all this other stuff. Its AMAZING