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Tiny Dog vs The Totally Impossible Challenge ! #shorts
The chip is just sitting there waiting to be eaten, but this dog has a bigger stomach than it’s legs. No matter how many hops and maneuvers it tries, it just can’t reach that delicious corny goodness, that succulent crumb awaiting him.
One of the attempts even ended in tragedy, he grabbed it with his tongue, but breathed too hard after his miss and pushed it away. Luckily his human put it a little closer though, and he kept trying harder and harder until…
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The Cat Mother won't Stop ! #shortsThe Cat Mother won't Stop ! #shorts
The Cat Mother won't Stop ! #shorts
zhlédnutí 8KPřed 4 dny
One must imagine this cat happy while pushing its 3-pound chunk of chicken, but she has a cute reason to carry it. It’s almost too much weight, but the mother persists, along with the help of a few impressed bodyguards. She knows she only has a dozen or so meters to go, and there can’t be passion without struggle. Just behind the hedge is her goal, a litter of her kittens, and the whole time sh...
The Smartest Bird Meal? #shortsThe Smartest Bird Meal? #shorts
The Smartest Bird Meal? #shorts
zhlédnutí 8KPřed 7 dny
1 of 2 things is happening here. Either this Jackdaw is being an upstanding citizen and coming to his friends aid in a time of need to gently push him across the road and away from the oncoming traffic like they’re buddies in a kids novel… Or the Jackdaw is pecking the hedgehog enough to make it have a panic attack and puke all over the road so the bird can grab a very morally questionable meal...
This Hippo is the Main Character ! #shortsThis Hippo is the Main Character ! #shorts
This Hippo is the Main Character ! #shorts
zhlédnutí 351KPřed 9 dny
I have never seen a more powerful hippo do something so insane. Their body is covered in scars and gashes and still they charge towards a pack of young lions. At least a dozen of them watch as the hippo antagonizes 3 cubs, holding them down with the standoff of the ages. With that gashed left eye, there’s no wonder the lions don’t want to risk it. Just the way it stares them down is chilling. I...
The Smartest way to Save this Dog ! #shortsThe Smartest way to Save this Dog ! #shorts
The Smartest way to Save this Dog ! #shorts
zhlédnutí 7KPřed 10 dny
When a stray dog fell into a quarry mid-dig, the workers devised a plan to get it out. They just had to hope the hound would accept their offer of escape. Clearly, by the way it tries to climb out, it needs to be free, so they drop a crane arm with a bucket, and pray the dog goes in. Just when they pull it back to try again, it reads their minds, and jumps into the bucket, letting them pull it ...
I Need to Know this Cute Animal! #shortsI Need to Know this Cute Animal! #shorts
I Need to Know this Cute Animal! #shorts
zhlédnutí 14KPřed 11 dny
Does anyone recognize this animal? With legs like that, its a wonder it can stand, but it’s just adorable. Looks like it can eat carrots and iceberg lettuce, and it has the large, side-eyes of a prey species. It somehow has hooves like a deer or moose, but it looks only a foot tall, and that fur makes it seem like a tiny squirrel that nibbled on Frankenstein’s ankles too many times. It does loo...
The Strongest Hero Dog #shortsThe Strongest Hero Dog #shorts
The Strongest Hero Dog #shorts
zhlédnutí 71KPřed 14 dny
A chihuahua falls into the pool, but the savior does something insane. 3 other dogs are on the scene, and none of them know how to react. They’re all tiny, except for a massive pit bull that starts slamming through the gate to the area. It immediately runs over and hastily jumps in while trying to grab the little guy. He loses it for a second, not knowing he towers above the puppy, but he gets ...
Geese Mothers Adopt the Babies ! #shortsGeese Mothers Adopt the Babies ! #shorts
Geese Mothers Adopt the Babies ! #shorts
zhlédnutí 7KPřed 15 dny
When they were needed most, this team of geese mothers stepped up magnificently. The moment they saw these baby goslings, their instincts kicked in and like a group of gossiping small-town best friends, they prowled around, sniffing and searching for the perfect mother. Then, when the baby geese started to follow them instead, well it was a no-brainer to just adopt the little dudes. They went f...
The Smartest Dog in a 5-Foot Radius... #shortsThe Smartest Dog in a 5-Foot Radius... #shorts
The Smartest Dog in a 5-Foot Radius... #shorts
zhlédnutí 6KPřed 18 dny
I’d say this dog gets a pass for being so cute, even if he’s a little clueless. All he’s looking for is a nice pet, but he seems to be completely trapped with no way out. What a homebody. You’d think 'get out of the doghouse and touch grass' but he already is touching grass so he’s halfway. He just needs to solve the mystery of the mean wall. He’s checking it out, analyzing it from every angle ...
They won't Let the Deer Cross ! #shortsThey won't Let the Deer Cross ! #shorts
They won't Let the Deer Cross ! #shorts
zhlédnutí 61KPřed 20 dny
People just have no respect for the working-class deer these days. Doe they stop for him at the crosswalk when he wants to continue on his merry way? No. They keep driving like they haven’t Herd the crosswalk bell blaring. Car after car, bus after bus, no one even slows down to Fawn over the Fawn. Until Fawn-ally, a fawn ally in a Nissan shows some Hart. The deer can finally move. It celebrates...
The Kindest Cat Mom's Silly Kids ! #shortsThe Kindest Cat Mom's Silly Kids ! #shorts
The Kindest Cat Mom's Silly Kids ! #shorts
zhlédnutí 158KPřed 22 dny
Somehow, this cat decided to hatch and grow her own chicken children. She didn’t just lie down for a nap in a random spot, she is actively protecting these eggs. Maybe she has a blood debt to the roosters around town. She’s there when the chicks finally break out of their eggs and watches with a tired but probably happy face. She oversees their feeding, and already they have such beautiful feat...
The Smartest Dog needs a Seat🧐🧐 #shortsThe Smartest Dog needs a Seat🧐🧐 #shorts
The Smartest Dog needs a Seat🧐🧐 #shorts
zhlédnutí 31KPřed 23 dny
Even though this dog is 2 feet tall, he’s got a brain that would make Ph.D. engineers jealous. When he arches his butt up, he can grab this small chair like he’s some miniature forklift giving a piggyback ride to his tool. And this tool is needed. He wants to get onto the big chair. His stepladder is in place, and he hobbles and wobbles over to the right side. He can do this. He nearly slips. H...
The Smartest Bird used him as a Perch! #shortsThe Smartest Bird used him as a Perch! #shorts
The Smartest Bird used him as a Perch! #shorts
zhlédnutí 29MPřed 24 dny
Not only did this guy catch up to a hawk in the sky, but it does something so cool. First he slows down a bit with his glider, then starts to drop down below the hawk. They’re a few hundred meters in the sky, so this maneuver is a little sketchy, but when he gets there, the hawk lands onto his foot! I’d be a little stunned myself, but this dude starts to pet the predator, and it even lets him a...
When there's Snow this Horse and Dog go! #shortsWhen there's Snow this Horse and Dog go! #shorts
When there's Snow this Horse and Dog go! #shorts
zhlédnutí 7KPřed 25 dny
As soon as snow hits the ground at this farmhouse, you can be sure these best buds will be rushing outside. The husky and the horse made an unlikely bond, but now they’re inseparable, and they just love to zoom around the barn on cold days like these. You can just imagine what sort of antics they get up to in the heaviest rain, or during the biggest snow storms, when the dog must go into the ba...
Dogs Play Ultimate Fetch!😯😯 #shortsiDogs Play Ultimate Fetch!😯😯 #shortsi
Dogs Play Ultimate Fetch!😯😯 #shortsi
zhlédnutí 4,5KPřed 28 dny
This is the craziest game of fetch. The dog trainer rigged up a launcher to shoot things hundreds of meters away, to test which dog is the best at hunting. Now, the middle dog of the Oreo is already gone to set the benchamrk of the hunt, and it’ll only have a little bit of time before the trainer whistles to call it back. But it makes it to the target, and brings it back. Now, its time for the ...


  • Piotr S
    Piotr S Před 3 vteřinami

    You are an id...t is this hawk?

  • Complex Patriot
    Complex Patriot Před 4 minutami

    Thats not a Hawk

  • Hrafnaguð9
    Hrafnaguð9 Před 12 minutami

    That is a vulture. Looks nothing like a hawk.

  • Waya
    Waya Před 19 minutami

    Not a hawk

  • SoralTheSol
    SoralTheSol Před 19 minutami

    Bro, that's a vulture.

  • DSimmons
    DSimmons Před 20 minutami


  • skirmish plays
    skirmish plays Před 22 minutami

    a vulture

  • Dizboi David
    Dizboi David Před 26 minutami

    HIGH vibration

  • Mark M
    Mark M Před 29 minutami

    That’s not a hawk lol

  • jaglinuxmint
    jaglinuxmint Před 34 minutami

    this is perfect voiceover

  • invisibleone
    invisibleone Před 48 minutami

    Not a hawk it's a buzzard.

  • Gary Hamm
    Gary Hamm Před hodinou

    That's a Vulture, not a hawk😅

  • Johnny Casteel
    Johnny Casteel Před hodinou

    Not a hawk, it’s a Buzzard

  • Jim
    Jim Před hodinou

    Come on dude! That is not a hawk! It is a buzzard. Most likely a turkey buzzard. Learn to identify your species before posting online. 😂😂

  • Fernando Diaz Mizos
    Fernando Diaz Mizos Před hodinou

    not a Hawk. It is an American black vulture

  • cheech 1150
    cheech 1150 Před hodinou

    That's not a Hawk. it looks like a buzzer .

  • KaneDidntDoIt
    KaneDidntDoIt Před hodinou

    Shove. It. Off.

  • Juan José Mejía
    Juan José Mejía Před hodinou

    This isnt a hawk 💀💀

  • Tyler Fausnaught
    Tyler Fausnaught Před hodinou

    Def not a hawk.

  • Jon Palzer
    Jon Palzer Před hodinou

    That's not a hawk. It's a vulture. The guy is lucky he didn't get a caustic burst of filthy carrion puked all over his legs.

  • BOSS of call of duty
    BOSS of call of duty Před hodinou

    I would have needed new pants

  • J. Veronica
    J. Veronica Před hodinou

    They both said here's at once in a lifetime opportunity I think I'll take it

  • Van Mann
    Van Mann Před hodinou

    A little education in avian biology would have gone a long way here. Knowing the difference between a raptor and a vulture is actually rather basic.🤔 Just sayin

  • Shaunce John
    Shaunce John Před hodinou

    To pass you must pay the price of 1 sugar cane

  • James Burch
    James Burch Před hodinou

    I see communication between humanity and animals is......

  • Steffany G
    Steffany G Před 2 hodinami

    A vulture fool

  • Richard Chapp
    Richard Chapp Před 2 hodinami

    Not a hawk

  • Ky outdoorsman15
    Ky outdoorsman15 Před 2 hodinami

    It’s a vulture not a predator

  • James Burch
    James Burch Před 2 hodinami

    I know people who not as smart as him 😮😮😮

  • Humpahna
    Humpahna Před 2 hodinami


  • BlueCrystal_78
    BlueCrystal_78 Před 2 hodinami

    bro gave that bird a well deserved break

  • Robert Mayo
    Robert Mayo Před 2 hodinami

    Thats not a hawk

  • Zach Deering
    Zach Deering Před 2 hodinami

    What are you on 🤯🤔

  • Zach Deering
    Zach Deering Před 2 hodinami

    What are you on 🤔🤯

  • nemya
    nemya Před 2 hodinami

    That is not a hawk 🙄

  • Gaurab Kundu
    Gaurab Kundu Před 2 hodinami

    Its called farming

  • That Sexy Nerd Reacts
    That Sexy Nerd Reacts Před 2 hodinami

    Guy really needs to upgrade his knowledge on birds its a vulture dude

  • Donald Kasper
    Donald Kasper Před 2 hodinami

    Probably got ticks.

  • BlackWolf6420
    BlackWolf6420 Před 2 hodinami

    It’s not hawk 🙄

  • Jose Trejo
    Jose Trejo Před 2 hodinami

    That's a vulture

  • Kenaleone Khupe
    Kenaleone Khupe Před 2 hodinami

    That's really Fanum's spirit animal 😂😂

  • David Shore
    David Shore Před 3 hodinami

    David nottenborough

  • Art
    Art Před 3 hodinami

    Thats not a hawk

  • blazing cub88
    blazing cub88 Před 3 hodinami

    "not only these guy was able to get idiots on the reel, he was able to get their attention even afywr evwryvody saw its was a vulture or so..." internet voice over is politics on video, only God knows the truth 😅

    GODOFGAMING Před 3 hodinami

    Bro said glider like it was Fortnite 😂


    This is a condor, not a hawk.

  • Keith Karlac
    Keith Karlac Před 3 hodinami

    Turkey vulture or a condor

  • Thenamelessfan
    Thenamelessfan Před 3 hodinami

    Bridge trolls aint got shit on road Elephants

  • tommy motolla
    tommy motolla Před 3 hodinami

    That's not a damn hawk.

  • DJ RichyLaurence
    DJ RichyLaurence Před 3 hodinami

    Even the cat understands the meaning of 'long term investment '