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Life Wit Eb
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Parking Garage Extraction
Quick little insurance call to start the day, Sometimes it can be hard working in confined areas like parking garages because of either traffic, very little space or height restrictions. Luckily I have the perfect truck for the job. So let’s get to it
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Taken 4 “Repo Edition” I will find your vehicle
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The Liam Neeson of the Repo World strikes again. Where will they hide their car now😩😂 #repo #king #spotter #taken #fast #funny #comedy #movie #remake #towlife #tow #goat 🐐 Go subscribe to: for all your background music needs 🔥🔥🔥
BENZ G Wagon stuck on flatbed (How to remove it)
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One of my good friends just hopped into the towing game. He went out and purchased a brand new 23 F650 flatbed, I’m so proud and happy for him!!! He’s got a bright future in this industry because he’s super motivated and ready to grind as hard as he got to, but most importantly he’s willing to learn and ask for help along the way. Before he even got his Tow truck I told him whatever I can do to...
How to spice up your Footage!!! ( And what cameras I use)
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Everyone always asking what cameras I use in my truck and on my truck to catch that amazing action pack footage to get all them crazy angles well today your lucky day!!!! Cause I’m sharing my secret. And on one is sponsoring me to make this video it’s just my personal opinion to why you should get these same camera to spice your footage up and get the same great crazy effects. You can also buy ...
When your spotters ain’t spotting no vehicles (New Jack City) repo edition
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Nino EB had to have a meeting to see what going on😩😂😂 #repo #king # spotter #ford #truck #builtnotbought #towlife #tow #goat 🐐
A light day with the TOW GOAT
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It not always about repossessions lol… Sometimes it’s about taking some time out to just chill. But somehow I always find my way back in the truck. Let’s see what today brings. Background music by @CreatorMix make sure to go subscribe to their channel And my official website will be launching this week so stay on the lookout so you’ll be able to get all your “HUMBLE SAVAGE and GOAT TALK” merch!...
Cousin not cut out for the repo life!!! CLVLND TOW LIFE… Ep. 2
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Cousin not cut out for the repo life!!! CLVLND TOW LIFE… Ep. 2
How to Tow a Motorcycle with the MINUTEMAN XD wheel lift
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How to Tow a Motorcycle with the MINUTEMAN XD wheel lift
Never get your vehicle impounded off the side of the road again (quick tip)
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Never get your vehicle impounded off the side of the road again (quick tip)
How to tow any AWD vehicle without a flatbed tow truck (using tow dollies)
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How to tow any AWD vehicle without a flatbed tow truck (using tow dollies)
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How I Made 100K my first year Towing!!!
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How I Made 100K my first year Towing!!!
Cleveland Repo Quick Pick pt.8 #repo #king #fast #spotter #towlife #tow #goat
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Cleveland Repo Quick Pick pt.8 #repo #king #fast #spotter #towlife #tow #goat
Hardest Repo truck in the city (walk thru) and explained
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Hardest Repo truck in the city (walk thru) and explained
Chrysler 300 Theft Recovery!!!
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Chrysler 300 Theft Recovery!!!


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    Oh I'm calling my cousin on the spot

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    The idgaf smurk😂😂😂

  • Phyllis Duncan
    Phyllis Duncan Před 6 hodinami

    What is he going to do if he catch up with the driver? It’s a done deal unless you’re trying to go to jail.😊

  • James Ard
    James Ard Před 6 hodinami

    He said did you just hit me😂 he still in next week don’t even know he got hit

  • Edd Lewis
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    Damn left him walking 😮 pay up next time

  • J.Anthony Brown
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    Dis nigga the real Cold As Ice😂

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    Gone! 😂

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    Rule #1 be aware of your surroundings 😂😂

    MAXIMUM-ALOHA808 Před 6 hodinami

    Dude be leaving citizens stranded as fuck ..such a nice douchebag.

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    Awesome sauce kind of vibe 😎

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    Is your truck that quiet?

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    Bruh i felt like i was in tha library watching ah " how to" video...👊😳

  • 1 Nation Media
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    That sucks but someone has to do it. 😂admit, it was executed like a pro. The man was at the coin exchange machine, LOL and at the vacuums! THIS GUY Hooks up😂

  • D.j. Self Star.
    D.j. Self Star. Před 6 hodinami

    U messed up , 😂 , now I know, why there is so many pot holes, F . This cars. Fix the streets . Ppl, having America , looking like a third world country. , Oh yeah look out for lasers . And pay ur bills

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    L C Před 6 hodinami

    How do they know where to find you???😮

  • christopher moore
    christopher moore Před 6 hodinami

    I would've came back that night and left her a note letting her know I took it

  • Rick
    Rick Před 6 hodinami

    Ummmm dude didn't check the VIN number, license plate nothing. Good way to get fucked up if you make a mistake

  • the ruler
    the ruler Před 6 hodinami

    haha late

  • Ursie
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    Lock her ash up for assault

  • Edward Castillo
    Edward Castillo Před 6 hodinami

    Unfortunately I don’t think this one is a repo, clearly saw lady walking up to him and asked “do you know where you’re going, thank you hunny”

  • Jay Jackson
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    How you can’t pay the note on that POS. What was $65 week 😂😅😊

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  • Subliminal Frequency
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    Yeah as a Woman I am getting sooooo tires of seeing females assaulting men like this...cause if he lost it and slapped her face off..then its hes a monster....Take her car and call the Police make her pay twice!!

    V4NLIFE_CANADA Před 6 hodinami

    Call the police, get her arrested then tow the car 😂

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    Whelp you won’t be taking that 🍑 out that weekend 🤣🤣🤣

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    Imagínate si fueran organos 😅asu madre que recio😢

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    Pay your billz..😮😮😮

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    I hope they called the police

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    Can someone please write down what he is saying in English? What language is he speaking?

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    This repo guy has no expression the whole time lol.

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    i have a titan man xd butt plug

  • David Stears soft wash Roof  and Pressure washing

    Program 5️⃣ towing neighborhood blue team 5️⃣5️⃣

  • scott elkins
    scott elkins Před 6 hodinami

    Boi got money for the wash but not the note 😂 clowns

  • Jeff Reid
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    Dat was a Super Sugar Schmack!!!!

  • Paul Ronan
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    Where did you get your Tshirt?

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    Lucky his friend was there, my boy was going down.😮

  • XtremeSportX247
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    This kid look 46yo

  • Jp Ezzo
    Jp Ezzo Před 6 hodinami

    I cant wait for you to thief a car like that, with a dog or baby in it.

  • Shane Bryant
    Shane Bryant Před 6 hodinami

    Um whos making payments on that old ass car still da fuck

    EUGENE REAP Před 6 hodinami

    That’s wrong and shouldn’t be legal unless it’s to from address on file

  • Jesse Sward
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    Classic song

  • Gnillort
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    Damn most of these cars are cheap as hell. They gotta be minimum wage workers

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    He said maam...Did you just hit me???

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    She treats her kids the same way.

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    He was mad af lol

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    Did you check the VIN tho? 😮