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Brand New 100 TONNE Machine | Hillhead Quarry Show!!
This week was full on Hillhead show. I got to work with brands such as Hyundai, Kubota, McCluskey and Michelin. Hyundai had there brand new 100 Tonne machine there! There was lots to see, I hope you guys enjoy this show as much as I did! I absolutely loved meeting some of you guys and girls in person.
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For HOLY use THEDIGGERGIRL5 for £5 off This week I used my Kubota and Dumper to move soil that we stockpiled from the begining of the house build. We landscaped of the garden and field so it all grows back to grass. I also started digging some service tracks and rainwater drains to! Ended off the week shifting a JCB telehandler
I’M BACK! Let’s Get Digging!!
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Find out more about Moasure here: and use code DIGGERGIRL at checkout. This week I was back on our Scania tipper loading plannings and taking them to Dad and Ruperts job. We got a new Grab for the 8 tonne machines. Rupert pulled a tractor out with my Kubota that got stuck also! Very busy week back after having last week off!
Digging New Drains at a New Build!
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This week we used the Takeuchi and the Wee Kobelco SK26 for digging tracks round a new house site for services and drains.
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This week we replaced a culvert that had sunk down and broken. It was all concrete so had to break it out with the Kobelco and the breaker on the end. We replaced it with a plastic pipe and made a headwall out of big stones and concreted round about it.
Me and Dad Fit New Tilting Hitch to My Digger
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For HOLY check out And use THEDIGGERGIRL5 for £5 off This week me and dad fitting our tilty Dromone Quick Hitch. We aren't experts but managed just fine. We also gave my Kubota KX080-4 a service, dad was showing me the ropes and keeping me right!
The Right Tools For The Job! 🧰 Rototilt Ditching and My New G-RAKE
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This week I am ditching with the Kobelco and the Kubota and my Rototilt. I get a new G-RAKE attachment to make life easier, you can learn more about that here: I got the 150mm for my 8-tonne but hitches to fit the others from 4T-8T. Dad has wanted one of these for a while. Busy week, but with the right tools everything is easier!! Working smarter not harder. Hope you had a good we...
First Full Week On NEW Kobelco - My Thoughts!?
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This week I was on the demo Kobelco Sk26SR excavator. I was doing tracks for water pipes. Dad came to join with me and we worked together to get the job done! TRY HOLY (this vid is not sponsored by them!) And use THEDIGGERGIRL5 for £5 off
Did My Challenge Work? | SCOTPLANT 2024
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Start your free trial with shopify now- I FINALLY got my own MODEL DIGGERS!! Make sure you check the on my Shopify online shop as there isn't many left! This week was full blown ScotPlant Prep and show. I had my own shop there and my machine with a operators challenge, I wasn't sure the challenge Welderfabber made me would actually work. I got to operate Mellexs ...
Will We Keep This Brand NEW DIGGER?
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Use THEDIGGERGIRL5 for £5 off HOLY!! This week I got a brand new Kobelco SK26SR demo, will we keep it? Awesome earthmovers came up for a filming day with the Kobelco. Moved the machines to there new jobs and also scrapped a road!
FINALLY Tidied Up The Farmers Field!! | More Tipper Jobs!!
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This week I was back in the new Scania Tipper again doing a job with dad. He was in the plant lorry with the Kubota KX060-5. Then I finally got around to back filling the tracks in for the air source heating in the farmers field!
Did I Get The Tipper Out?
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This week we finished doing the road that we were upgrading. I was on the 3 tonne Hitachi then used the pick up and trailers to take out the machines. I was also in the Tipper and our beaver tail to shift more plant about.
Going OFF ROADING With Our New Tipper!
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If you want to try out Moasure check out and use code DIGGERGIRL at checkout!! This week I start off by finishing off the tracks I started last week for the ground source heating pipes. Then I put the new tipper to real test, having it on a nearly non-existing road. The conditions were terrible but we made it and got the job almost done!!
DIGGING Up A Farmers Field The First Day Of Spring!!
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To get your Moasure check out the link below! and use code DIGGERGIRL at checkout This week I measure our new yard using moasure. I started a new job digging 300 metre trenches for a ground source heating system I came into problems of hitting rock but managed to get by them. I then show you guys the new house that is being renovated!
Trucker Tim Delivers My NEW TRUCK!!
zhlédnutí 111KPřed 3 měsíci Use codes: - THEDIGGERGIRL5 for £5 discount on your first order (min. spend £14.99) - THEDIGGERGIRL for 10% off (best option for bigger orders!) This week Trucker Tim came to deliver our new 4 wheeler Scania Tipper. He gave my son a go in his lorry for an early birthday present and some goodies to. I finally got my new BF Goodrich tyres fitted too! Ended the week ...
We Bought A NEW LORRY Without Seeing It!!!
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We Bought A NEW LORRY Without Seeing It!!!
Rock Breaking & Digging Ditches!
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Rock Breaking & Digging Ditches!
I DEMOLISHED a Cottage With My Excavator!!
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I DEMOLISHED a Cottage With My Excavator!!
New MUST-HAVE Excavator Attachment?!
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New MUST-HAVE Excavator Attachment?!
Muddy Mornings, Glamorous Evening!!
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Muddy Mornings, Glamorous Evening!!
New Yard and Zappshelter!! - Part 2
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New Yard and Zappshelter!! - Part 2
Building Our Dream Yard - Part 1
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Building Our Dream Yard - Part 1
Is THIS The Future Of Construction!?
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Is THIS The Future Of Construction!?
New Office For The Digger Girl!
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New Office For The Digger Girl!
You Won’t Believe My 2024 Plans!
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You Won’t Believe My 2024 Plans!
Surprised with a NEW DIGGING BUCKET!
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Surprised with a NEW DIGGING BUCKET!
Fixing Choked Sewage Drains - Glamorous!
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Fixing Choked Sewage Drains - Glamorous!
400 Tonne Levelled by EYE!
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400 Tonne Levelled by EYE!
My SON Comes To Work With Me!
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My SON Comes To Work With Me!
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    Baby girl your one beautiful woman and a hell of a operator ❤❤❤❤

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    Thankyou for taking us along for the show Amy.....I really enjoyed it..Stay safe and see you on the next one

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    Hi Amy it definitely a brilliant video and and excellent show have a great week 😊

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    820 tons left

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    A really great video Amy showing us the new equipment available now, I don't think I could single out any particular machine as there all 20 years newer than anything I ever worked on servicing, I was just amazed at the progress through the years and even now much of what I saw is not available here but that equates to the size of NZ , I was really impressed though by the advances in the crushing equipment there, what I was working on were primitive by comparison to what I saw 🤣🤣 thanks again for taking the time to show us around 👍👍👍🤔🇳🇿

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  • @PeterMackett
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    I'm surprised Hyundai use Perkins engines, i thought they made their own, first time i have seen Turkish Hidromek machines in this country, did Caterpillar have a stand as they were the machines i first remember?

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    Amy forget about your little diggers, the new 100 ton Hyundai big girls toys, need a bigger Scania truck to haul ,ever thought of sales your good, p/s after hillhead don't forget smile for camera 😂.

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    Hi Amy, You got on great at the Hillhead Quarry Show, you would make a brilliant, machinery sales girl, you were the only glamour girl I saw there, Amy you were absolutely brilliant 👏 👍🇮🇪❤️

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    Baz knows crushers, I don't know if you have before but if you have the chance in the future maybe the two of you could make a video walking around one pointing out interesting details.

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    Great video again Amy changed days when I drove wagons the Scania were more comfy than Volvo but I always preferred a Volvo just each to there own I think lol

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    @TRUCKERBHOY Před 6 dny

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  • @ultanb
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    Hillhead looks like a great event. The live demo area makes it worthwhile. It's great to get a look around without leaving the West of Ireland 😊 Thanks for sharing your week with us. Great video as usual

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  • @robertstibz9506
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    Good that you enjoyed it. Big is like 20 cubic yrd bucket, that was on sites where I worked in the 1990s. You soon get used to the bigger ones with a little practice.

  • @stevemartin5730
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  • @buchzone
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    0:25 min Das ist ein ungefähr 20 Jahre alter "Colani Truck" aus Deutschland. Das Basis Fahrzeug kommt entweder von DAF oder von Mercedes-Benz. Luigi Colani (1928-2019) hat versucht biometrische Formen aus der Natur in der Technik zu nutzen. Er hat sehr viel Industrie-Design für Firmen aus Japan und aus China entwickelt.

  • @Del-27
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    @daviddavies9996 Před 6 dny

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