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5 big players who refused to join Liverpool...
Mason Mount
Mount could also surely have done a job for Liverpool, but it seems he wasn’t keen to move to Anfield, according to Relevo journalist Jorge Picon. Liverpool being out of the Champions League probably hasn’t helped their cause, with Mount surely keen to ensure that if he leaves Chelsea it is for a genuine step up.
Moises Caicedo
Chelsea secures Moises Caicedo for £115 million, a British record. Brighton's reluctance didn't stop Chelsea's pursuit. Liverpool also tried with £110 million. Chelsea persisted, driven by Caicedo's determination to become a Blue.
Romeo Lavia
Jurgen Klopp was desperate to add Lavia to his midfield mix, which has already been shorn of several players this summer. Initial offers worth £37m and then an increased bid of around £43m were rejected by Saints. Chelsea struck a deal in the region of £58m (£53m up front with a further £5m in add-ons) with Saints.
Jude Bellingham
There was no doubt Liverpool had a lot of interest in signing Jude Bellingham. But when Real Madrid come calling, it’s impossible to say no. The England midfielder has agreed a six-year contract at the Bernabéu. Dortmund confirmed in a statement last week that Madrid had agreed to pay an initial €103m for the 19-year-old.
Kylian Mbappe
Kylian Mbappe reportedly 'rejected a' potential move to Liverpool during the summer transfer window. The French forward looks to be staying at PSG despite at one point looking certain to seal a transfer to Real Madrid. Liverpool are another team to have been linked with Mbappe over the last three years, with the player himself openly expressing his admiration for the Reds.
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The most hated football player...
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In the world of sports, few figures have evoked such contrasting opinions as Megan Rapinoe. Revered for her on-field prowess and unyielding activism, she stands as an emblem of empowerment for some. Yet, her bold persona and unapologetic outspokenness have also positioned her as one of the most polarizing women in football today. Megan Rapinoe's journey to global recognition was accelerated by ...
The fanboy of Neymar Jr who dated his mum
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Neymar and his mother have always had a strong bond, and it is clear that they care deeply for each other. Nadine has been a constant presence at her son's soccer games, and she is known to be his biggest fan. Neymar's parents, Neymar Sr. and Nadine Goncalves divorced in 2016 after being married for 25 years. 4 years later, in 2020, Neymar's mother Nadine flies to Paris for her son's birthday p...


  • Chimp Arm
    Chimp Arm Před 30 minutami

    Too bad UK folk arent this brave against those people blocking their roads

  • Adeola Adeoye
    Adeola Adeoye Před 4 hodinami

    why i don watched this video this many times

  • Adeola Adeoye
    Adeola Adeoye Před 4 hodinami


  • JNash Muzik
    JNash Muzik Před 4 hodinami

    Lol this is satisfying

  • Milan van Oostrum
    Milan van Oostrum Před 5 hodinami

    Love it😂😂😂

  • jose garcia
    jose garcia Před 7 hodinami

    Hes a good lad 😂😂😂.

  • 주모미디어 Corp
    주모미디어 Corp Před 11 hodinami

    i dont get it

  • Khairul aizad
    Khairul aizad Před 12 hodinami

    Yeeee very clever james I likkkkeee to

  • gilmush2000
    gilmush2000 Před 12 hodinami

    He is a good lad 😂

  • Ernesto Caro
    Ernesto Caro Před 14 hodinami

    Micah is a big mf, plus be aware of men like him (always laughing, positive) cause when they get mad they’re dangerous

  • Struky 10
    Struky 10 Před 14 hodinami

    Miach didn't protect Roy from the fan, he protected fan from Roy

  • Barry Donnelly
    Barry Donnelly Před 15 hodinami


  • filipinowhiteboy
    filipinowhiteboy Před 15 hodinami

    How could you hate this guy!? He's the father of the US Constitution for God's sakes!

  • Marco Molinero
    Marco Molinero Před 16 hodinami

    Official being a knob

  • Drew Abdulai
    Drew Abdulai Před 18 hodinami

    That why football is the best

  • Mat S
    Mat S Před 19 hodinami

    THeres a fine lin betwwen actual insults and just bantering

  • Vince Brown
    Vince Brown Před 21 hodinou

    I'll never understand football 😂

  • Chris Strider
    Chris Strider Před 21 hodinou

    Boscombe massive 😅

  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous Před 22 hodinami

    the game of shite

  • emil rossi
    emil rossi Před 23 hodinami

    That's class

  • stuart sharples
    stuart sharples Před dnem

    Not surprised he act like a complete Twanker most of the time..😂🤣😵‍💫

  • Manny F
    Manny F Před dnem

    This is brilliant. Too Funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Adiarby13
    Adiarby13 Před dnem

    he’s shite but he’s a good lad lol

  • Avenue b
    Avenue b Před dnem

    Oh but when I move my ball in front of hundreds it’s called “sexual harassment “

  • Rio
    Rio Před dnem

    You are a good lad too, to the one who said it.

  • enrique one
    enrique one Před dnem

    But why are they saying that

  • RayShow TV
    RayShow TV Před dnem

    The only time City and United gets united 😅

  • The holy man before dawn

    can't Keane this hard man we always hear about, fight his own battles instead of his boyfriend looking after him? 😂🎉

  • Blessed One
    Blessed One Před dnem

    That was gold. Well done Maddison.

  • Gehtdich Nixan
    Gehtdich Nixan Před dnem

    Korrekter bre aber miese schlaftablette

  • EGP
    EGP Před dnem


  • Mike T
    Mike T Před dnem

    We need these chants at American sporting events

  • Charlie Robert
    Charlie Robert Před dnem

    Drink I bet

  • Jan Sund
    Jan Sund Před dnem

    We need more Micah's in this world.

  • max Baguley
    max Baguley Před dnem

    Yhhh one of them 😂😂 note to self dont fuck with Micah 😂😂

  • Kebabsaurus Rex
    Kebabsaurus Rex Před dnem

    Keane was an ABA boxer - if he fought back the guy would be in hospital

  • Bree Coward
    Bree Coward Před dnem

    How icky Cheering against another team Rather than for your own

    • Caitlyn
      Caitlyn Před 21 hodinou

      @Bree Coward Saw the deleted comment, not at all slow for thinking everyone under one roof supports one team as that's quite literally how it works in the country the prem is based. You support your local premiership team unless there's another familial/personal claim to another, a family all supporting different teams (ESPECIALLY when all those teams are the big ones,) would be unheard of and considered not properly supporting anything and be considered plastic as it's just choosing the top guys. If your Dad supported Man City and thus you all did that would be less plastic, although there's still the drama whenever someone not based in the UK chooses United or City as their team given their history and successes or former successes. If your Dad supported Man City and so his children supported United, that's still plastic but funny. You all choosing different teams proves the point. No because you had yet to prove me wrong, if anything you further confirmed your point also pointing out that you're a plastic given you all support different teams isn't an insult merely a comment. You might know about the game on the technical rules level, which again is entirely separate to the volleyball and hockey comments as they don't impact the game at all. You were wrong, that's fine, especially given the context you're not local to the prem and so it makes sense this clip would look worse than it is but this wasn't a bad clip, a family supporting a bunch of different teams proves the point about culture. Obviously won't be replying, let's just both agree to disagree as you clearly aren't going to change your mind. Hope you have a good one whenever it is you are.

    • Bree Coward
      Bree Coward Před dnem

      @Caitlyn but again your point was you trying to say that I know nothing about football or chance and you’re wrong so apologize and move on!!!

    • Bree Coward
      Bree Coward Před dnem

      @Caitlyn so youre wrong And now youre trying to insult my family because my dad cheers for city and my brother united Youre slow if you think everyone under one roof is always for one team Also Thats not how the english PREMIER LEAGUE works either Its not like the world cup when everyone is cheering for their home team, my family is from America? also Kaitlyn sweetie nothing ever implied that we pick the team we “like the vibe of” my dad is livid right now because of how Manchester city is playing that doesn’t mean it’s changing he’s been cheering for them since before Fucking Wayne Rooney was drafted. You’re making a lot of assumptions to fit your argument. You assumed I know nothing about soccer and that’s not true you then assume my families “plastic” and just switches depending on the vibe we like and that’s again an assumption to fit your argument. And you know what they say about assuming it makes an ass out of you and me. So youre welcome to apologize whenever. grow up. Volleyball and hockey 100% relate to it because I’m talking about a cheer it does not matter what the sport is unsportsman like conduct doesn’t change. I’m not sure where you’re confused about. The entire point of the video was the player handled being mocked and made fun of very well. You proceeded to tell me that I know nothing about football I proved that I just like watching Chelsea but my family are insane soccer fans We are a Soccer/football household For you to suggest any differently because of the teams we personally cheer for shows that you’re the uneducated one🤣 I am correct that this is not sportsmanlike at all what was the point of your comment sweetie cause you’re still wrong🤣 Then I pointed out the highlights of the big games I watched this weekend And somehow you have a problem with that as well because I mentioned the big names in Soccer right now?

    • Caitlyn
      Caitlyn Před dnem

      @Bree Coward I mean clearly not if you're all supporting different teams? That's not at all how it works, your team is based on your area/family? And volleyball and hockey aren't really relevant to it? They're both great sports but don't factor into the UK prem sports scene/culture. The player was bantering back towards the fans, there's bad fans and bad chants/times this happens but this isn't a bad example. The racist ones deserve to get shit on but chants aren't inherently bad. But seriously if you have a man u supporter and a man city supporter AND a Chelsea supporter all in one family that's some plastic shit and does heavily imply you don't actually know about the culture/scene around the game and just watch the big six. You don't get to just pick and choose a team you like the vibe of? Especially when you're choosing the title chasers. Being plastic is more icky than the chant in the video. This was in good humour and the player took it well and joked back, there's nothing in this clip to complain about.

    • Bree Coward
      Bree Coward Před dnem

      @Caitlyn AWEEEEE But I do??? Im a volleyball coach And this is nasty sportsmanship I also follow hockey and dislike the fans there as well My fathers team is Man city. My brother is united I like chelsea but would never say that🤣 Obviously in the premier league My family is a HUGE soccer/football family We literally watch it every saturday and sunday. We just watched that crazy Liverpool vs Tottenham game!! And I flipped over Jones’s red card. Two men down still tied!! And EFFING MATIP?!?! Howd you feel about that in the 90th minute But that was such a cute little attempt Caitlyn.


    Ask him how he got on in Nottingham when he was a youngster, he tried it on with the wrong people's woman; not long back from an op tour we was out on RnR... He got his just deserve!

  • Jeffery Raines
    Jeffery Raines Před dnem

    These soccer fans over there are the best crazy as hell I think it would be an awesome experience to go to

  • Noel Aito
    Noel Aito Před dnem

    As a non-soccer fan, somebody needs to explain to me what was so funny when he rolled the ball 2 inches away from the line

  • Ignatius Jackson
    Ignatius Jackson Před dnem

    As an American, I have absolutely no idea what is happening here.

  • Eazy Clean
    Eazy Clean Před dnem

    I like Michas defusing skills 😂😂😂 he had him by the scruff of his neck 😂😂😂

  • Uncle Fester
    Uncle Fester Před 2 dny

    Respect to Micah for standing up for Keane👍🏻👍🏻 That guy got super nervous once Micah got a hold of him😂😂

  • Salo DiP
    Salo DiP Před 2 dny

    Can someone explain? What happened?

  • Stephen Kpoobari
    Stephen Kpoobari Před 2 dny

    The way he laughs it off ❤

  • Asinja Edgar
    Asinja Edgar Před 2 dny

    😁😁😁 he is fun

  • Marcus Wallace
    Marcus Wallace Před 2 dny

    Keane's masked has slipped Bottled it